Burma's New Tour Operator.

Authentic. Individual. Exclusive.


 THE REAL MYANMAR is your new and young tour operator: We offer attractive, boutique package tours with selected and tested hotels; or we organise your personal trips, wherever you want to go; we book hotels, excursions and flights. We take care of your individual travel wishes. See Myanmar in an unique way and style of traveling. Or if you want to travel your own way: We have an fleet of new rental cars with drivers for quite individual tours. Or book for hotels with us. If you want to enter this new tourist “territory” – you can trust us as we call this country our home.


 THE REAL MYANMAR would like you to discover the real original and traditional Myanmar/Burma – choose between a attractive package tour including all touristic highlights in the country on interesting tour routes that we put together, or completely individually, wherever you want to go.

 THE REAL MYANMAR is a 100% private company – without any involvement of official or government agencies whatsoever. Our sole obligation is to people and nothing else. Encountering them, monks in centuries-old monasteries just as much as locals selling their wares at exotic and colorful markets are the focus of our tours, making for an entirely individual Asia experience. And most of all we guarantee one thing: Your personal freedom to discover Myanmar (Burma) outside the hectic pace of everyday life.

With THE REAL MYANMAR you meet people that not only introduce you to their country but to their everyday lives. People who welcome every guest with warm hospitality and openness. In other words typical Myanmar!

Our rental car fleet is composed of recent model years and is well maintained and reliable.

Our offers are always for 1-3 persons per vehicle.

Our drivers know their home, are trustworthy and always speak English (at various levels of proficiency) but rarely German. Primarily they are drivers. They are not trained guides who can explain every temple. That's not their job. If you want, you can book a state-certified tour guide separately for your rental car tour.

The guests of THE REAL MYANMAR decide: Whether you select and book your hotel or guest house yourself in advance or whether you take up our ideas and suggestions. For us this means: THE REAL MYANMAR selects accommodations (and restaurants) that have no connection to official government agencies or as little as possible. For our car rental tours we prefer small independent operations, which often tend to be family-run.