Hpa An

Hpa An

The capital of Karen (Kayin) State, Hpa An is a picturesque town on the eastern bank of the Thanlwin (Salween) river, about 270 kilometres east of Yangon. The setting itself, the surrounding caves , stunning view to the mountains and the laid back atmosphere are the highlights of the area.

Attractions are limestone mountains with the tallest being Mt Zwegabin where close by you can visit the impressive Saddan cave which is the most impressive limestone cave in the region we also pass through an entire limestone mountain range with views to small lake and fields ,  Kawgun Cave, hidden away in the hills the cave was discovered in 1975 and contains thousands of 7th century tiny clay Buddha images and carvings, hidden precariously over the walls and roof of the main cave, the picturesque KYAUK KALAT, a standalone rock islet in the middle of a small lake; the LUMBINI GARDEN, a park housing one thousand Buddha images with the majestic Mount Zwekabin as its backdrop.

Lumbini Garden

Kawgun Cave

Sunset over Thanlwin river

Sadan cave

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